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  • The Torn Pictures
    June, 2005, ISBN 91-7910-682-X
    The Torn Pictures is released now. To order it please contact: azar_mahloujian@yahoo.se 

The Torn Pictures, Azar Mahloujian


  • The Triptych of Azar Mahloujian’s The Torn Pictures,
    A Review by Reza Baraheni (University of Toronto), November 2005
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  • The Torn Pictures, a Swedish bestseller,
    News & Views, October 12th, 1995
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  • The realism(s) of the multicultural society
    Knowing that One is Throwing One´s Voice

    By Hanna Hallgren, The Nordic littrature 2005,
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  • استقبال از یک کتاب
    روزنامه مهاجرین در سوئد

  • عکس های پاره شده " مورد توجه محافل اد بی سوئد قرار گرفت "
    کیهان لند ن شماره 585 دسامبر 1995


  • The Enduring Fire (part I)
    The Book & The Computer, April 16, 2004

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  • The Enduring Fire (part II)
    The Book & The Computer, June 12, 2004
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  • As Long As Anemones Exist
    The Book & The Computer, Feb. 10, 2004
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  • Phoenix From the Ashes: A Tale of the Book in Iran
    The Book & The Computer, April 30, 2002
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  • A Vital Role for Electronic Publishing
    100-Day Dialogue, August 3, 2001

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  • Describer of the Indescribable, Ahmad Shamloo
    Speech given by Azar Mahloujian at Älvkarleby, Sweden, June 5, 1999,
    (when Azar Mahloujian received the Stig Dagerman Award on behalf of
    Ahmad Shamlu
    , link to the award
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